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For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows Help. ERROR_ALREADY_REGISTERED 1243 The specified service does not exist. ERROR_SHUTDOWN_IS_SCHEDULED 1191 The system shutdown cannot be initiated because there are other users logged on to the computer. ERROR_BEGINNING_OF_MEDIA 1103 A tape access reached the end of a set of files. navigate here

ERROR_SEEK_ON_DEVICE 133 A JOIN or SUBST command cannot be used for a drive that contains previously joined drives. ERROR_PIPE_CONNECTED 536 Waiting for a process to open the other end of the pipe. Like dll downloading, windows updating and print spooler error repair. Install it on your system. 2.

ERROR_WAS_UNLOCKED 716 %hs ERROR_SERVICE_NOTIFICATION 717 {Page Locked} One of the pages to lock was already locked. ERROR_MEDIA_CHANGED 1111 The I/O bus was reset. Your computer periodically "lock up" for a few seconds at a time.

Me sentía impotente y decidió a probar tus consejos. ERROR_NETWORK_UNREACHABLE 1232 The network location cannot be reached. ERROR_INVALID_AT_INTERRUPT_TIME 105 The previous ownership of this semaphore has ended. ERROR_NETNAME_DELETED 65 Network access is denied.

A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. Before opening files in this location, you must first add the web site to your trusted sites list, browse to the web site, and select the option to login automatically. ERROR_RETRY 1238 A connection to the server could not be made because the limit on the number of concurrent connections for this account has been reached. ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED 1168 Element not found.

This error may be caused by network connectivity issues. During this process, memory requests for some applications may be denied. ERROR_CANNOT_COPY 267 The directory name is invalid. Adivina qué!

ERROR_PORT_MESSAGE_TOO_LONG 547 An attempt was made to lower a quota limit below the current usage. ERROR_CONNECTION_ACTIVE 1231 The network location cannot be reached. ERROR_CANCELLED 1224 The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open. ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES 19 The media is write protected.

ERROR_CONNECTION_REFUSED 1226 The network connection was gracefully closed. check over here This was done because the file system encountered a failure on a member of the fault-tolerant volume, but was not able to reassign the failing area of the device. ERROR_INVALID_UNWIND_TARGET 545 Invalid Object Attributes specified to NtCreatePort or invalid Port Attributes specified to NtConnectPort ERROR_INVALID_PORT_ATTRIBUTES 546 Length of message passed to NtRequestPort or NtRequestWaitReplyPort was longer than the maximum message ERROR_OUTOFMEMORY 15 The system cannot find the drive specified.

ERROR_FULLSCREEN_MODE 1008 An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist. ERROR_RESUME_HIBERNATION 728 Windows has detected that the system firmware (BIOS) was updated [previous firmware date %2, current firmware date %3]. ERROR_ILLEGAL_FLOAT_CONTEXT 580 An event pair synchronization operation was performed using the thread specific client/server event pair object, but no event pair object was associated with the thread. his comment is here ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENTS 161 The specified path is invalid.

ERROR_EXE_MACHINE_TYPE_MISMATCH 217 The image file %1 is signed, unable to modify. ERROR_VIRUS_INFECTED 226 This file contains a virus and cannot be opened. ERROR_DUPLICATE_SERVICE_NAME 1079 The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process.

ERROR_THREAD_MODE_NOT_BACKGROUND 402 The process is already in background processing mode.

It functions together with your existing antivirus software.2.You need to notic: The Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after being downloaded. ERROR_SIGNAL_REFUSED 157 The segment is already discarded and cannot be locked. ERROR_BACKUP_CONTROLLER 587 An attempt was made to acquire a mutant such that its maximum count would have been exceeded. Adds DSL sugar on top of Chef::Resource, so attributes, default action, etc.

Click Install updates if any updates are found.Install the latest upgrades for Windows and also for the system displaying this error, ERROR DOMAIN CONTROLLER EXISTS. ERROR_EXE_CANNOT_MODIFY_SIGNED_BINARY 218 The image file %1 is strong signed, unable to modify. ERROR_ATOMIC_LOCKS_NOT_SUPPORTED 180 The system detected a segment number that was not correct. weblink Either it is retried after the containing onode is moved or the extent stream is converted to a large stream.

ERROR_INVALID_VARIANT 605 The specified buffer contains ill-formed data. ERROR_DBG_REPLY_LATER 690 Debugger cannot provide handle. ERROR_DBG_CONTROL_C 694 Debugger printed exception on control C. ERROR_LOCK_FAILED 170 The requested resource is in use.

ERROR_INVALID_SIGNAL_NUMBER 210 The signal handler cannot be set. ERROR_IMAGE_NOT_AT_BASE 701 This informational level status indicates that a specified registry sub-tree transaction state did not yet exist and had to be created. ERROR_DISK_FULL 113 No more internal file identifiers available. ERROR_NETWORK_BUSY 55 The specified network resource or device is no longer available.

ERROR_CANTSCROLLBACKWARDS 772 The data provider requires that previously fetched data is released before asking for more data.

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